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New Year, anyone?

2008-12-25 18:38:54 by Bryony

Now that Christmas is over and done with, the latest haul of mediocre gifts already forgotton under the bed, I can only hope I'm not the only newgrounder who isn't going to make a new years resolution, purely on the basis that they are completely useless and never actually work?

I thought so.

+ I guess any of you who stumble across this page deserve a 'Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year'. (:


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2008-12-25 18:56:15

New years is for getting drunk as fuck, not making yourself a better person!

Bryony responds:



2008-12-31 19:57:34

hahahaha you're not a "newgrounder"

you're just on the sidewalk here

Bryony responds:

Hey! I float around the site, just because I'm not on it 24/7 like you...

simon you're horrible to me!


2009-01-03 21:33:44

I saw your username a few times and thought "Hey, this person is cool" but then saw your post count, and changed my mind. Well, here i am again, and you posted in my thread and i think ur awesome again. Cute too!
pm me!